11 October 2010

Kampung ku!!w00w!!

  This is my late grand grandfather’s house. His name is Haji Abdullah bin Haji Wahid or his nickname is Embah Lanang and his wife was Norisah binti Haji Abdullah. It is a old traditional Malay house which located at 204 A,Parit Subari, 83600 Semerah Batu Pahat, Johor. This house is almost 100 years old. It was built by Embah Lanang himself with the help of his siblings. Originally this house was located across Sungai Balang at front of this house which at Darat, Parit Subari but because the owner of the land wanted to sell the land. So, Embah Lanang has to move out and he decided to relocate his house at new piece of land. They remove part by part of the house element either by using bicycle or drift it by river.

Age value:
This house is almost 100 years old. It was built around 1915’.

Architecture value:
The design of Rumah Kampung Embah Lanang reflects the perspectives of the building from the point of view of local people, which designed with a deep understanding and respect of nature. The design of this house have unique feature. The house still strong and inhabited although it almost 100 years. This house did face any changing of it features even thought house surrounding it have did it. What we can see now is exactly like it was built before.
Rumah Kampung Embah Lanang also has its own attraction where each structure such as column, roof, window and staircases has it own meaning. The materials that have been used are easy to get which is chengal and bamboo.This house has never been painted because Embah Lanang want it looks original and he used kerosene to avoid decay and eaten by termite.

Emotional value:
Surrounding residents mostly are relatives with Embah Lanang. This is a normal scenario in Malay’s village where the relatives are our own neighbour. Besides that, the construction of this house is by local people such as Embah Lanang and his siblings, friends and neighbors.

front view..

the "beranda"

the left side of the house

some feature such as window and balcony bar

Interviewed the daughter in law of Embah Lanang, Hajjah Saniah.

 my grandma!!! she so cute!! love her <3

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